how to make crochet headband with double hearts

Pattern : for this plan we start by first counting his head perimeter. we start by making chain as perimeter.   1 row - work all the row dc(doyble crochet).  2-3-4- rows -  post back dc for all the rows. 5 row - start with 10dc ,for the heart start with dc v st ch1(v stitch,dc,ch1,dc), in the last dc start with 1 chain , dc loop,6dc, dc loop ,we continue in the penultimate dc to make the second part of heart,dc loop- 6dc
- dc loop,slst.....6 chain  we pass the chain to the back of the heart and close  slst ( se the video how),3chain -slst,6 ch -slst and start the second heart, 2 ch - dc loop- 8 treble - dc - dc loop,dc loop - dc- 8 tr-dc loop- slst.
we work 10 dc and dc loop - dc- 8 tr-dc loop- slst....we repeat the same procedure after each 10dc for all the row.
6-7-8 - rows - work post back for all the row.
10 row - and for the finish we work upside down throughout the series  ....we do the same from the other part of our creation.

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