white hoodie crochet poncho

This white poncho is a stylish and comfortable piece, perfect for the colder days. It is knitted with the "Bubble Stitch" technique, offering a unique and beautiful texture that adds depth and dimension to the garment.

Crochet a Beautiful 3d Flower

  Prepare all materials and tools that you needed for making crocheted lotus flower brooch. It is yarn - pink, yellow, green, crochet hook, scissors, needle, base for brooch and white beads.Make green part. Make 4 chain (ch), in 4th loop from the hook make 11 double crochet (dc), 1 sl st in 3rd ch.Click next pic for pattern . 

How to to decorate eggs with paper towels (video lesson)

To decorate eggs with paper towels, it is necessary to have these materials:
-boiled eggs
-paper towel with the design we want to transfer to the egg
-a brush
-the white of an egg

How can we decorate Easter eggs with floss yarn(video lesson)

Today, my friends, I will show you a very simple and very guaranteed procedure to give different colors and patterns to Easter eggs ... the procedure is very simple.

The materials we need are:

-glitter threads

-eggs at room temperature

-aluminium paper

-a pot (we will use it for boiling eggs)

-a little oil (it is necessary to give shine in the last procedure of the eggs)