How can we decorate Easter eggs with floss yarn(video lesson)

Today, my friends, I will show you a very simple and very guaranteed procedure to give different colors and patterns to Easter eggs ... the procedure is very simple.

The materials we need are:

-glitter threads

-eggs at room temperature

-aluminium paper

-a pot (we will use it for boiling eggs)

-a little oil (it is necessary to give shine in the last procedure of the eggs)

-single use gloves

a plastic container or metalic with water.

Preparation procedure :

We have cut the threads of different colors into small pieces (5 cm -7 cm) and we have a multicolored composition of our desire.

We cut a sheet of aluminum enough to wrap an egg, then we take an egg, dip it in water to make it wet and then put it in the container with the cut threads and roll it in such a way that it sticks to the threads from it all sides ,put the egg on the aluminum sheet and wrap it like candy, make small holes with a toothpick (see the video for more details).

We apply the same procedure to all the eggs that we want to color in this way....we boil them, after they take a wave, let them cool and open them one by one, grease our hands with a few drops of oil and pass eggs all over their surface.
The colors and the final look .... are amazing .