Three adorable knitting patterns for a warm fall 👚❤️🧥

Hello❗Sometimes you look at a product on the Internet and you are eager to knit the same for yourself❤️ Today I have prepared for you models with knitting needles that awakened in me the desire to have the same. Perhaps some of you will also take up the knitting needles and knit a new thing for yourself by the fall. She's just around the corner❗

👉So, take a look at this wonderful jumper with an openwork "Leaves" pattern. It will look good on any figure! Can be linked in a solid color or with a gradient like in the photo. In any case, the sweater will sparkle with its originality

👉The second model is a cardigan, also knitted with an openwork "Leaves" pattern, but featuring a larger ornament.

I would knit it in bright coral! You know, so juicy that it catches the eye.


👉The third model is a off-shoulder pullover. This style does not yield to its positions for several years in a row! The delicate shade gives it a special charm.

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