Patterns for knitting intarsia 😼😻

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 Cats  😻😻😻😻😻  can knit ? Hard to tell. My cat probably can. Only he will never admit it, otherwise they will harness, there are so many yarn lying around in the bins ... The cat is smart, he understands everything.

In a past life, he was definitely a knitter, and he knew a lot about the topic. At least, he is drawn to try the fishing line on the new knitting needles. For example, this morning it dawned on the cat that it would be nice to bite off a piece of a new Noro skein, left in a hurry on the chair, and admire the reaction of the service staff. It's so funny, by God!

The cat was caught on time, subjected to educational influence (absolutely useless, as usual), and I thought - maybe I should make another selection of cat intarsia? Because all knitters have to love cats - this is generally accepted truth. And even those who love dogs actually love cats - they just don't realize it yet.

A bright pullover with happy cat faces is not particularly difficult, but it looks good. And even if you've never knitted intarsia, it's worth trying, the pattern is simple. By the way, you can see the intarsia knitting technology herehere .

Feline Trio Serenade - Who Said Feline Choir Would Take Out Ears? They are not even going to be naughty, they just sit on their favorite pullover. The scheme, of course, is more complicated, but with some patience, you can cope.

A chic stole could not do without a detachment of kitties! Just imagine, they will always be with you - and the color scheme and arrangement of motifs can be chosen the way you like!

Thanks to Japanese designers for such beauty and some more cat patterns for scarves, blankets and whatever your heart desires.

That's all. We hope something works for you, happy knitting!

All photographs and drawings are taken in the public domain.

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