video tutorial & pattern - 3D crochet bear in relief

Pattern : for this project start with 28 chain.   1 row  -* 5 chain -skip 3 in the fourth 1sc*, repeat until for all the row.2 row *5ch - sc*2 times, on the first side of the pouch work 5 - 2 - 5 dc shell ( 5 double crochet,2picot,5dc shell),turn back the work,in the back of the pouch work 10 dc shell,slip stitch and unite the two
parts together,the second series works dc2tog(double crochet together)for all of it work 1dc and join the front by back it to create the first ear   and work in this 6 sc, for the second ear work 2 chain -1sc, turn back and work 6 sc in the chain,6 chain  and sc back of the bear.for more see the video please..

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