Gradually flew summer and the autumn-winter season offers all fashionistas-needle women take care of the beauty of the costumes and the warmth of their own legs and tie here are wonderful socks with original volumetric pattern!  I knit socks from the Turkish yarn Alize Merino Stretch. Why this yarn - it contains wool, acrylic, PBT elastic; It fits well in the figure, making it three-dimensional. At the same time they receive a warm leggings, stretch well, but retain their original shape. Also, the color palette of yarn is very beautiful noble shades are great for gaiters.  Product dimensions: length - about 31 cm width (top) - 31 cm (freely stretched to 35 cm), bottom - 37 cm; weight - 170 grams. To work needed : - Yarn Alize Merino Stretch (380 grams / 100 meters) - 2 skein of 100 grams;  - Hook 5/0 (3 mm).
Leg warmers knitted in a circle, without any joints, and increases of ubavok. The lower edge turns wider than the upper, due to the drawing.  Operating procedure: 1. Make a chain of 60 aerial loops, closable in the ring (if you decide to change the width of gaiters, remember that the number of loops must be divisible by 10). Closing chain in the ring, it follows that the chain is not twisted! 
2. (this item is optional, and in the scheme do not, but from personal experience - looks nea
The biggest difficulty here may cause relief columns: - Embossed with a concave bar fit in the scheme: - Relief lush column fit the scheme:
Hide the thread start and end knitting. Similarly, the second knit socks. Done!
Knit for "KOLOSOK" design pattern to the desired length, repeating from the second row; columns with nakida in the second row is replaced by the concave bars in the subsequent rows. Do not forget also about the lifting loops at the beginning of each row!  Finish knitting on the fourth row with magnificent 
Thank you for attention!

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