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Slippers crochet from individual 6-coal motives insole - purchase. For work, we need: yarn and hook, insole, scissors (the needle). I recommend choosing thicker yarn and hook it a bit thinner than indicated on the package to get a pretty tight knit slippers and held the form. Purchased insole (for one size greater than the size of your feet) - I recommend to take a medium hardness, such that they can be effortlessly pierce awl.
1. First I tied insoles, which are pre-pierced with an awl, stepping back from the edge 0.5 cm and the distance between the holes is also made of 0.5 cm. When piping used without nakida bars, two in each hole.
Then you need to measure the length of the insole bandaged around the perimeter in order to continue to calculate the length of the side of the motif.
2. Next knit crochet motifs six (three for each slipper motif). I knitted under this scheme, but it can be any other, as long as the motive was a 6-carbon. It is also necessary to hand motif length multiplied by 8, it is equal to the perimeter length of the insole (if necessary circuitry can be adjusted by removing or adding it in the series).
3. Putting slippers. To do this, we take three finished motif and sew them as follows: the parties marked with the number 1 are sewn one seam. Parties marked with number 2 are sewn to form a back seam. Parties under the number 3 will continue to be sewn to the insole. Parties marked with numeral 4 is not sewn.I tied a hook motifs on the outside, but you can use a needle and sew them on the inside - as you like.
It turns out that's such a structure:
4. Tie the entire structure of the motives to the insole, slightly shifting the angle of the nose to the right or left of center (to get the right and left of slippers). If required, items can be pre-chipped pin or tack.
PS If tie five motives instead of three, you can get here are great boots!
Thank you for attention!

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