video tutorial & pattern -crochet hexafon star motif

Pattern - for this hexagon star we start   for the magic ring   6 chain - slst.... the next 1 row burgundy color- 12 sc (single crochet) -slst.cut the yarn & change the color.2 row pink color - 2 chain - *1dc loop -2ch* repet until 12 times in total. cut the yarn & change the color.   3 row turquoise color - start with* 1sc
, 1dc loop-1dc-1tr(treble) 3ch - 1tr -1dc-1dc loop* repeat until 6 times in total . Cut the yarn & change the color.    4 row silver metallic color - sc for all the row intermediate betwen leaves work* 3sc -2ch-3sc* repeat this  in each chain forming the corner in the star.

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