Crochet Textured Striped Stitch No 29 - video tutorial & pattern

Pattern: start with chain as long as we want no ,atter how much.   1 row -5 chain,skip 2, 1dc,*2 chain-skip2, 1dc* repeat untilfor all the length.                 2 row pink color - * 4chain,1dc in the space between the square, 3chain and we work 5dc in the dc , sc (single crochet)at the end of the square* repeat until for all the row.
   3 row pink color - 3chain, skip 2dc, 1 sc,*2 ch - 1sc*(see the video how) repeat until at the end .
4-5 row beige color - repeat the 2-3 rows
6 row - we work all the row double crochet.
7 row - repeat the first row.
We repeat the firs six rows as many times as we need for the long of our creation.

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