christmas crochet ornament

Early November is the time when blogs are beginning to appear in droves Christmas decorations. I must admit that so far I was a little irritated, because the Christmas still a heap of time, but when I do not know that for last year's Christmas tree again not hung any crochet tucked her because I could not do it, I said enough! This year, the production of glass ornaments began in October. Truth be told this is my debut. They were already bells, sopelki, snowflakes, balls but not yet done. Mainly because when it came down to it, it turned out that I do not have at home any balloons, and shopping there was no time.
I started course of searching the depths of the internet in search of patterns, and when I have so many of them that would not zdążyłabym all try - I started testing. Quickly emerged a couple of the favorites. The first model, which I liked a bit like a beach ball.

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