step by step creating brooch "Rose"

Pleased to welcome everyone to his master class on creating a remarkable flower of tissue. It can be used in the form of pins, brooches and even mounted on the rim.An unusual rose, seen in the flower department was just a "mom" for this beauty! I really wanted to capture the extraordinary light and airy! And do not just photos, but the bulk copy! Created entirely on the petals of this rose. Colour planned to pass exactly, coral, almost reached the goal, rose in the original was a little brighter. Yet my goal was to make as realistic as possible midway. How I did it, we will see in the end.Everyone can do rose pattern on their own, it is not difficult. The only wait until they are a bit podvyanut, in the unfolded form, that they have lost their little volume. I loved my patterns, please, I can share.
It was a little background, a master-class was born a week later. When the sympathetic pribolevshy kids slept quietly on the bed, and my mother decided to exploit the situation and make a master class. All were born literally in half an hour, cut, color and was waiting for the assembly. 
You will need to work: I have all the material initially - the cloth, paint - Japanese:
- Material - crepe de chine (you can take a satin or satin-cosmo, they make too gorgeous roses). In my possession is only crepe de chine, the rest of the way;- Paint (dry Japanese), as paint can Davydov. color difference in the shelf life and in the methods of application. Japanese - dried, diluted in water, you can paint over the dry material, shelf life is calculated in years. Paints Davydov - the shelf life is limited - 9 months, causing an already soaked with water patterns;.- Brushes, jars (jars are perfect out of baby food), getting wet cloth for brushes;- Scissors, wire (can be a Japanese, can be ours, section 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm);
- Wire cutters, glue; - Soldering, Bulka.So let's start.This is our pattern. 
Of the proposed petals me, you can choose any that you like beauty and bending lines. I took a number of patterns of the second three in a row. Large made ​​6 pieces. 4 petals per the pattern, and small three of each species (total 2 kinds of turned three pieces). The core has turned one - pattern of eight petals, and 4 small petals too for the core. Plus leaves and pasting (4 leaf 2 and pasting). Gluing patterns taken from the colors on the skin . The leaf is the smallest under №3 in my outline. It can be done, of course, the pattern in full size, but such complexity to anything :) We just preparing fabric squares, about focusing on the diagonal height of the lobe. Here, of course, not all the squares, there should be a further 6 pieces. It was the desire to divide the square into 5 parts, to get 5 petals on each lap. But then added thickness and cut out to be more difficult.
Then we take our patterns and combine the center of the square with an acute angle of our patterns. Cut. It turns out like this: The core is cut out so - folded square, received melenky square. And to him dabbed template first on one side, the mirror turned away, holding the fabric. At the most the pattern is clearly visible. And make extra 4 petals midway.
These inks are mixed to obtain the desired color, on a whim, until you come to the option you want. The most extreme right - it's green. Brush dabbing napkin in order to see the color. Do not take a lot of water. For lobes - 2-3 tbsp. l. water, or a solution is unsaturated. To get started, try 2 tbsp water. I took too much water initially, so painted in two stages, to get saturated color. Middle, slightly stained yellow, but later it is almost always blurred. Yes, you can paint on plain oilcloth, better transparency, to see color.
Painted! We give a dry and continue. The drying time of about 40 minutes can - 60 minutes, one in the heat turned the flat :) I during their drying. I wanted to quickly dried up leaves :) You can spend a drop of paint color petals. Now we have to handle this beauty. But before all these big petals need to pierce with an awl through the middle and along the crease slelat cuts before reaching the midway of 5-7 mm, central vosmilistnik will not cut it, just make a hole. Take Bulka and Gray soldering. As for the size Bulekov, everything will depend on the size of your petals. The core of the handle so - 4 separate petals are added together and hold them hot Bulka, pressing on them. All four petals are obtained ugubleniem.
Next we take our next middle lobe, which consists of 8 small. And also treat. I put everything in the same square on the old hall, handled one half of the front, the other from the inside. Process Boelen shoot was difficult, as I have only two hands :) Next seredinku be treated with hot tweezers. 4 separate petals are added together, hold the hot forceps, keep the left hand on the corner, right scrolls, and 2-3 seconds freezes. It turned out beautifully curled midway. Photography did not miss. Just curl and large midway.
Then we process the 6 middle lobe. Their bulimia on one side each petal, petals Bulku select a size. And in the end - just presses the middle of a Bulka our large petals, to get a cup of the four petals. Large petals handle mirror. Bulimia first half of lepestva from the front side, then turn over and bulimia from the inside, without turning, bulimia next half of the next lobe, and continue alternating. Medium and large petals also curl tedious tweezers. At the middle petals all turn down the edge of his own. Large turn down we put on ourselves on the old hall and slyubitsya edge. Next, focusing on the lapel, we will process all the petals "by itself" and "self".Then proceed to the assembly of the central lobe. Take the wire and attach four small petals to her pre-gluing them together. Fleece is wound a little, like this.
Work on, we put on our midway.A alley we need to paste it. Then - who like fantasy lies. I turned out. The main thing is to combine the height of all the petals, all were on the same level.

Now we wind a little fleece. I reeled a little more as understood in the process. Or maybe it's for the best. And begin to stick three of the middle lobe. Because we have there are two types of three petals, I picked the ones that I liked more, and came forth in composition. Glued first, shall be applied to the total tab midway point of superposition of two petals. Flower after assembling the first three petals.
After six: I petals slightly go down a ladder, probably, as I said before, with cotton too far.
And we are ready to build another six petals, the biggest. Somewhere before I saw assembly so that I do not remember where it is large petals. I've flipped through several Japanese books on the skin, like there noticed. We put them to align themselves on the lapels. First half, pre-moistened with a drop of glue midway. Fold with a shift to the right. Further, even in half, also taped midway, too, shifted to the right. It is possible to shift to the left, and I think I have the right gun.
And paste all six petals in a circle. That turned out beautiful! This is the result of one night of work. At this point  . A new day has given new strength, and the work continued!  We stayed foliage and pasting. First, cut the wire in the flower, preparing it for further work. Next we take our leaves and glue it to the wire. Wire from the inside sizing usukinyu ribbon (you can and crepe de chine polosochkoj 5 mm, painted in the color of the foliage). The wire also need to wrap the tape in the color of foliage. Next, the processing tool, I took a double knife. In the middle of the last leaf by passing the wire between the blades of double blade (from the edge of the leaf to the stem). Next turn, then the person is on the wrong side, flowing lines carried a double knife. Pasting is evaluated by double knife from the tip to the middle, thanks to what, pasting acquired a beautiful perm
And now we are ready to assemble everything.Before you get a song, I try on, I try to spread out nicely. In this case - I decorated our flowered several feathers. Here are collected.
It remains to glue the basis for brooches. I followed her even run to the store. And our beauty in the collection
Thanks to everyone who read me until the end :) I hope it was not too messy and each found for himself something interesting. Difficulties in creating a special no flower has its own quirks. I hope that it will be more useful for beginners. The first flowers to create a difficult and scary, especially to take a master class on the first color :) To be honest, I'm happy with my work! There is much to develop and to aspire to! Thank you all for your attention! source 

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