Knit cozy socks felt soles

These socks can be a wonderful gift for family and friends for the winter holidays!
For knitting, we need: half-woolen or wool yarn of 100 g to 250 m 1 roll (at this time I have 100% wool 100 g to 200 m), set of 5 spokes hosiery (I number 2.5), felt insoles to size more than your shoe size (these socks 38 size insoles used 39 size), a punch or awl for making holes in the insole, a hook for tying insoles, yarn for tying insoles (you can use the ones that will knit or take a firmer cotton or nylon thread ).Calculation for knitting socks I do not, just for children's socks dialed loops 44-48, 56-60 for women loops, loops for men 64-68 (depending on the thickness of the thread). On the one spoke the usual set of recruit 60 n. N + 1 to join the circle.
Number of loops gum 2 2 should be evenly divisible by 4 is allocated to the 4-spoke 15 p. Each and closes the circle.Knitting circle gum 2 to 2, starts at 1 PHI. n, then the number 2 to the end faces. n. 2 PHI., the last loop 1 PHI. This 7 cm knit elastic.
Then make the holes for the laces, knitting series start with nakida then knit 2 sts., Together persons., 2 persons. n., again nakida, 2 n., together persons 2 persons. n and so on until the end of the series.  Next series: all the loops facial.
We continue to knit in a circle. Conditionally divide the loop into 2 parts, turns 30 n. 30 n and the front. Rear. Getting a number where we tail thread on the set of loops. Begin to knit the first 30 para. 1, according to the scheme and continue to 30 n. Knit of Scheme 2. A total of 13 circular rows. You can knit and more socks will turn out longer, but the thread will leave more.
You knit the first 7-series circuit. This is the front view.
Back view.Here I knit 13 rows of circular patterns.
Now we knit rows only turning the front part (30P.) On the pattern, the first and last loops front are with edge, the back of the loop is not touch. 38 For my size is necessary to link the rotating rows 
17 cm in length. The total length of the patterned 20-21 cm. For other sizes need to add or diminish 1-1.5 cm long. The last series can subtract a few loops in a large scythe. Here's what you should have:
The hinges of the front end up next to the backing, cut the thread, the loops being postponed.
Getting started knitting the back of the toes. To attach the thread of the first edge of the left front of the loop. Fastening thread circled.
We begin knitting the back of a drawing by turning rows of wales pulling the front of the new loops on each side and include them in the work. In this photo, I add the loop to the right.Total each side gets 7-8 loops. So it turns out after provyazyvaniya several rows.
Finish knitting rotary series with the side where the thread is attached, that is, next to the backing. Picks up another loop from under the edge front and begin to knit a circular series of facial loops: First knit the back of the loop, then the remaining wales front of the sock recruit new loops, then provyazyvaem loops that we postponed when knitting the front of the nose and type loop each edge of the other side.  top view.
Inside view.All loops recruited. We knit a number of facial hinge, is now backing a circular knit number (we get garter st), so it is necessary to alternate the two rows twice more. Then close the loop free. One slippers ready.
Knit a second exactly the same workpiece and will be attached to the sole. Take the insole outline the helium pen, space for openings. Hole spacing 8.7 mm. Punched holes.
Tied insole columns without nakida - do 2-3 of the column in one opening. Threads are not cut off, it will connect the toe and sole.Now connect the sole and toe, attach using needles, pulling a sock on the insole (first fasten the heel and toe, and then in a circle).
Putting the sole and toe hook connecting bars. We decorate our socks.But socks in other colors.
I hope that this workshop you will enjoy and will be useful! source 

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