how to make crocheted earrings

 So we waited for the summer, which means it's time to get the earrings in a nautical style. I offer you my version of these ornaments. This masterclass will suit everyone who has ever tried to crochet.
Materials and tools:
1- Yarn (I Polyester, 1 mm in diameter, is also suitable, for example, iris).
2- Crochet hook (I have 1.25 mm).
3- Beads, about 5 g
4- Glass beads 10 mm in diameter.
5- Wire 60 cm.
6- The fastener.
7- Needle for beads.
8- Round pliers.
9- Before you start using the bead needle all the beads strung on a spool of thread.
Now you will need wire. It is best to use the copper wire diameter of 1 mm, as it is quite hard to keep the shape of the earring is good (the wire on the anvil can fight off for added rigidity). Divide a piece of wire 60 cm in length in half, take one half and bend at its end of a small hook, which will continue to be worn bead.
 Put a bead on the hook and wrap the wire around it. Since the bead is secured inside wire ring, forming the center of earrings. Then, continue to tighten the wire in a spiral to the desired size of the earrings. You should get here this snail. To get an even earrings, you can help yourself by making a sketch on paper and bending a wire according to the sketch.
Leave the tip of the wire about 1 cm long untwisted, take pliers and turn it into a neat loop for which the shackle is attached to the fastener.The basis of the future aqua ready, now you can start knitting. Starting from the edge or in the middle, tie bars without nakida earring.  So uncomplicated way knit the entire base until the end.Next, turn the basis for the other party. Now you can add the foamy crest of a wave. To do this, three air loops with beads of each. Knits such a loop in the same way as normal, but the thread is captured by the hook of the beads.
A chain of three air loops attach to the base in the same column, some tied with wire. Threaded hook should be in the third from the edge of the loop. Repeat pattern by sticking three air loops with beads to each of the third loop of the base. If you look at the front side, you get like this.
Here and ready bright summer earrings "Sea Wave"!

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