crochet dress "woven fabric" in the cell.

I want to offer you crochet woven fabric in a cage. Knits fast options to apply the sea - this coat, vest, skirt, sundress, bag and so on. Besides infinite color combinations. Well, as they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. We will need: - Yarn - Hook - Scissors.
Choosing a yarn, I took the coat with acrylic three colors. Take the hook and we collect a chain of air loops.
Next loin knit mesh: bar with nakida, 1 Air and so on. Now it is necessary to count the number of cells to bind: the number of empty cells should be evenly divisible by the number of colors! In this case, the 3!
I crocheted  12. Croch  the first four rows of color to obtain a flat cell.
Next, change the color and croch  more for every four rows.Well, the base fabric is ready!
Now select and insert alternately thread (in addition 4) in the holes. By following the sequence of colors, which was at mating. The ends of the desirable output at one side of the square. 
Dub scissors fringe.  Then it all depends on your imagination! By the way, does not necessarily make the web into a cell, it is possible to strip single color can be, can be brick, you can be spotted ... And with a choice of yarn you can play forever! Good luck!
That's what happened in a hurry I have! Warm sundress for girls seven years. At its creation it took two days and three skeins (each left about half). If you have free time allows, then we can make new clothes for the day.

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