Perfect Picots

Picots can look so pretty as an edging, especially when working with finer yarns, either on blankets, shawls or doilies. Some patterns will require you to work a stitch through a picot.....
And then rather than pretty picots, they become perfectly, pesky picots!!
Traditional Picot
 The traditional way to make a picot is to chain 3 and join with a slip stitch in the first chain.
Now this is great when you are working on an edge, but when you need to be able to get your hook through the centre of that tiny loop you just made it can be really tricky.
The other problem I have found is that the picot tends to push the next stitch over slightly, leaving a gap in your stitches.
So here is my way of making a perfect picot every time, no gaps and easy to get your hook right in the middle of that tiny loop.
Picot worked in the side of the stitch.
 The hook in photo 1 is pointing to the 2 loops at the side of the stitch, simply put your hook through, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops to make your slip stitch. Now doesn't that look neat!
Picot worked in front loop at top of stitch and front of stitch.
Chain 3 as normal and then put your hook through the front working loop at the top of the stitch and the 2nd front loop. Yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Again you can see how neat and tidy your picot is. This is my preferred way of working a picot, it is quick and easy and perfect every time.
From left to right, front loop picot, side loop picot, first chain picot.
 See how easy it is to get your hook through the picot?
Making your picot through the 2 front loops means it is easy peasy to make a normal stitch into the stitches before and after the picot.
And oh so simple and easy to make stitches through your picots.
Little hints and tips like this make for a much happier hooker, and the design possibilities are endless.source