Love Baby Blanket

Puppy Love Baby Blanket : (finished size: 22″ x 30″)
-3 Skeins of Baby Hugs Medium Weight Yarn, in “Peachie” and “Sky” (2 skeins of 1st color, and 1 skein of 2nd color)
H hook
-Darning Needle (for weaving in ends)
Stitch Abbreviations: (American Terms)
Ch – Chain
St– Stitch
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sk – Skip
**Asterisks indicate repeats of instructions
Special Stitch: 3-dc cluster: Yarn over, insert hook. Yarn over, pull through st (3 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through first 2 loops (2 loops remaining on hook). Yarn over, insert in same st. Yarn over, pull through. Yarn over, pull through first 2 loops (3 loops remaining on hook). Yarn over, insert into same st. Yarn over, pull through. Yarn over and pull through first 2 loops. Yarn over, pull through all 4 remaining loops. If it’s easier to understand, it’s a basically a dc3tog (or a 3 dc decrease) worked all in the same st.
Gauge: 2″ = 7 hdc
Begin with 1st Color (Sky)
Ch 72. (this will be the approx, width of finished blanket. If yours is quite shorter than 22″, than go up a hook size or two)
1. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc 69. Turn (70 sts) . Join 2nd color (Peachie)
2. Ch 1. Sk same st. *4 dc shell in next st. Ch 1. Sk 3 sts* work 17 times. Dc in last st. (86 sts) Turn. Join 1st color
3. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Work a 3-dc-cluster in the middle skipped stitch from 1st row. *Ch 1. Sc in middle of the shell. Ch 1. Work a 3-dc-cluster in middle skipped stitch from 1st row.* work 16 times. (70 sts) Turn.
4. – 5.  Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 69. Turn (70 sts)
Repeat rows 2 through 5 (respectively) until you reach 73 total rows. Don’t tie off.
You can weave in your ends with a darning needle.
OR you can tie each end to the closest end all across each side. The last row of hdc around the edges will hide the knots, and it’s a much quicker way to take care of the ends.
Once your knots are tied and you have clipped the ends, hdc around the blanket starting where you left off from the last row. Hdc 2 more in the same st to make a corner and hdc down the side (the stitch count doesn’t matter too much, just try to space them evenly). Be sure to work 3 hdc in the bottom corners. Hdc up the other “knotty” side, hiding your knots. When you reach the top, work only 2 hdc in last sp (with should be the same sp with the first hdc of your last row). Sl st and tie off, (you will be working hdc across 3 sides only.This Puppy Love Baby Blanket is the perfect car seat size, so you can use it to shade baby in a car right or to lay on while playing on the grass. source

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