Crochet Sweater Ribbing

 Making Crochet Sweater Ribbing was a mystery to me when I first started this craft (over 40 years ago, lol). I would either start with knitting to make the bottom ribbing of a sweater, or end with knitting for the ribbed edging on a sleeve. It looked nice, but it just didn't feel 'right'. I wanted to crochet the whole sweater and not have to switch to knit.A wonderful crochet friend taught me how to make the ribbing from the bottom up (or from the cuff up), but I still wanted to know how to do it at the end. Almost 20 years later I figured it out on my own. I was making a pair of socks and wanted a 'crew' top for the socks. I was making my own pattern and was starting from the toes. In a dream (yes, I dream about my projects,) I had an idea that worked GREAT! I've been using this method ever sense.
Bottom Up Crochet Sweater Ribbing
This is all done in single crochet. When doing crochet sweater ribbing, from the bottom up, you have to start by thinking side ways. The number of 'rows' in the ribbing will equal the number of stitches in the sweater. The number of 'stitches' in the ribbing will equal the width of the finished edge. For the purpose of pictures I'm going to show you a piece that's 10 stitches by 20 rows.
After you've chained your calculated length (remember that stitches here equals the width of the finished edge, this is usually about 2 inches at the bottom of a sweater), you will single crochet into your chain. Very important, just pick up the top loop of each chain so you have a 'sewing' edge when all done with your sweater.In each row you will single crochet in the back loop of each stitch. This is what creates the crochet sweater ribbing look.

When you're done you'll have a strip that looks something like this.Chain 1
Turn your work sideways and the first row will ALWAYS be single crochet (this forms a tight beginning to work from). Make sure and pick up each row as you go.
I did a simple filet crochet to show that your sweater could be any pattern stitch you like.
Crochet Sweater Ribbing at the End
If you've already made the sweater from the top down to the bottom you can still put the ribbing on (without sewing it). For this example I did a few rows of honeycomb puff. (You're looking at the back of the honeycomb puff stitch.)
No matter what stitch your sweater has been done in you need one row of single crochet to begin the crochet sweater ribbing.
At the end of your single crochet row you will chain however many stitches you want to make your ribbing. Remember this chain represents the width of the ribbing.
 At the end of your chain, chain 1 and turn. Single crochet back down (always make sure to count your stitches).
For this chain, crochet into the top loop only. This will give you a good sewing edge when you are putting your sweater together.When you get to the end of the chain, slip stitch 1 into the first stitch. This is basically the same stitch that has the chain.And slip stitch 1 into the next stitch.
Do not chain 1, simply turn your work so the yarn is in the back.
It will always appear that you are skipping a stitch, in reality you're not. If in doubt count down from the edge to see the stitch you need to start in.
Always crochet into the back loop, this gives you the ribbed appearance.

 You will crochet up, chain 1 and turn, and crochet back down.
At the end, close to your sweater, slip stitch 1
And then slip stitch 1 into the next stitch and repeat the process all the way back up and down.
This automatically connects the ribbing right to the garment.

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