Crochet Chain Bracelet

Learn how to make this chain bracelet!
Supplies-Embroidery Thread-30cm Chain-5 cm small chain
15 cm Rhinestone chain-6 small rings-1 crochet-1 needle
Start by making a knot with the thread at the beginning of the chain.
For this bracelet, you will need to make the basic crochet point (if you already know it jump to step 10). Pass the crochet through the chain.
And pull the thread through it; you will end up with a loop with the thread.
Make another loop.
And then pass through the chain again.
And make a 3rd loop. It might look something like this. Now you have to take the thread with the crochet and pass it through the 3 loops.
And you will end up with just 1 loop as shown in the picture. Repeat this 6 times per chain ring.
When you finish, it will look like this.
And do it with the other 15cm of chain.
Then, when you have both, you have to sew them together.
And the result will be something like this.
After both chains are joined, you have to start sewing the rhinestone chain to it.
The final result will be this. You will need to knot every piece of thread left before cutting it out.
After, there will be excess thread. You will need to add to rings to each end.
On 1 end, add the small chain, and if you want, you can add an ending of your choice
Add the hook on the other side the closing.
And it is ready! A super pretty gift.
Create a Crochet Chain Bracelet by Agus Yornet
Source: Agus Yornet