crochet blossom stitch

The crochet blossom stitch has a nice lacy appearance to it.  It allows for hours of fun and mindless crochet once you get started on it.The stitch pattern is a multiple of 4 + 1, making it easy to adjust for any length. Thus, it’s perfect for summer tops, afghans, bags, dishcloths or anything else you can think of!
Step 1: Make your chains (any multiple of 4 + 1), and place the marker in the last chain made. This marked chain will act the first single crochet in row 1.Step 2: (Dc, ch 1, dc) in third chain from hook to make a V-St.
Step 3: Skip the next chain, then sc into the next chain.Step 4: *Skip the next ch, V-st in next ch, skip next ch, sc into next ch. Repeat across ending with a sc in last ch.
Step 5: Turn your work and ch 4. Or, ch 4 and then turn your work. The 4 chains count as your first dc and first ch-1 in the second row.Step 6: (Sc, ch 1) into the first V-st.
Step 7: (Dc, ch 1) into next sc, (sc, ch 1) in next V-st.Step 8: Repeat step 7 across ending with a (dc, ch 1) in last sc (the marked ch). Chain 1 (counts as the first single crochet for the next row).
 Move the stitch marker up to mark this chain as your first stitch.Step 9: V-st into the first sc. Sc into the next dc. Repeat the process across ending with a sc in last dc (3rd chain).
 Then begin again at step 5 and repeat  until you have reached a desired height.And that’s the crochet blossom stitch. Hope you have lots of fun with it!