Flower "Mary Margaret"

 Bright pink buds around the center of embroidered beads framed with delicate leaves - as it is all reminiscent of Snow White - Mary Margaret of the fabulous series, we are now looking :-) flowers can decorate the bag, hair, or used as a brooch. For crocheting i used her favorite wool blend yarn and hook №2. For decoration - such beads
The flower consists of three parts: the center - a concave circle with a number of petals and leaves near, the center of the substrate.All items are knitted according to the schemes:
Alternating lilac and pink yarn, tie the center. It happens here is a concave. Adv his beads.Pink yarn flower tie basis. Do not tie the thread breakage scheme 9 rose petals. They themselves will twist into small buds. Then tie the series with leaves. Leave a longer thread, it will need to sew the substrate. That's how it looks from the back side.
Tie the substrate. She also received a concave. Mask off and cut the threads. Slightly otparte iron leaves, the center and the substrate. Rose petals in any case not ironed and not steam iron, or lose shape. Sewing threads invisible stitches sew center to the base of the flower. Left beforehand thread sew the back of the substrate. If you want to sew gum.Shape the buds, and your new decoration is ready! source 

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