Ball doll-Elf.

I want to show how to make just such a doll. The idea found on the Internet, the technical development of mine.
We need:Wooden beads of various sizes, for the head, hands and feet. Different fabrics, the thinner the better. Lace or thick thread for knitting. Figured scissors (optional). Paints. Strong thread a needle.
Fatin or other transparent fabric (optional). I have the balls to the head of 2 cm diameter, 1 cm hand. What was in the house. I drew a little face paint. Leave them to dry and go cut dresses.
Cut stripes of white and colored tissue 4h29 see. It will skirt. One side can be cut scalloped scissors. A piece of 4x3 cm is the bow and a 1x12 cm it will tie (you can take a narrow ribbon).Stripes I make amends immediately, folded three times. Sew skirts into a circle.
Cleave together as follows: the front of the white skirt shear from the wrong side of the color of the skirt. Above colored skirt should hang around 7mm above the white.Tuck 7mm colored skirt on white.
We sew the hem seam Basting.Contractible tight and fasten.
Our eyes are drying. Let us hairdo.The two ends of the ribbon inserted into the ball, is inserted into the loop fabric for our bow and tighten.

Between the ribbons are putting shoelaces for hands and feet. I have a rope of 20 cm. And tightly tying two knots.Separate the hands from the feet.
Insert foot in a skirt and all well sewn. Insert the balls of feet and hands, making knots. Excess cut off.Here is our baby and ready. You can leave it at that. But I wanted to make her elf. I cut and sewed rear wings made of transparent fabric or tulle.
They can be planted for table decorations, bouquet, put with a gift, like a small addition or hang in the car.

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