Charm necklace

2 skeins of yarn Circle Charm - Colour 7650
Needle for knitting # 6
2 finisher for jewelry with bonds (tulip type)
2 metal tab.
universal glue Circle
put 4 points in ag. knitting and work as follows: cord in stocking (4 socks, * around 4 pts for ag left hand and make 4 socks, * repeat from *. *). For the most braid, 4 strips of 80 cm and make a braid, reservation. To lock smaller, 3 strips of 60 cm and make a braid, reservation. For finishing, 2 strips of 6 cm.
Assembly: join the two braids and a strip of 6 cm, use the wires left over from half points to give some stitches to hold, put universal glue circle, and apply the tab, do on both ends, and the tip of the strip 6 cm put universal glue and the finisher with zip.Craftswoman: Claudia Maria . source

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