Raised Chain Stitch

 Raised Chain Stitch also known as Raised Chain Band creates a bold decorative band on plain and evenweave fabrics. Chain stitches are created on a ladder base of straight stitches. Chains maybe worked on a separate base or side by side on the same base. Any type of thread can be used to give various textures and a more raised appearance. If worked side by side a decorative filling is made.To work Raised Chain Stitch, start by working a horizontal ladder of straight stitches by bringing your needle up at 1 and down at 2. Then up at 3 and down at 4 repeat as necessary. It maybe helpful to mark two lines to keep your stitches straight.Next using a contrasting thread, bring your needle up at 5 and pass your needle under the first horizontal stitch as shown in the photograph below, without piercing the fabric.

Form a loop with your thread and pass your needle again under the first horizontal stitch on the right side, without piercing the fabric. Your needle should be pointing downwards as shown and the loop of thread should be beneath your needle, in exactly the same way as for chain stitch. Repeat all the way down your ladder of horizontal stitches, without piercing the fabric with your needle, until the very last chain. Finish off with a small vertical stitch. source

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