Pulled thread.

Today I propose two examples of sfilature strung,very very simple.
We start preparing the sfilaturealways about 23 wires from the last slip-off, T 1 - L 4 - T 16 - L 4 - T 1 for the second always sfilatura to 23 wires far from the previous sfilatura remove 18 wires as you will notice a slip-off is with the picture point and one with hemstitching, the bunches are 4 wires. The wires are always to work both for hemstitching for the embroidery thread point framework No 25, while the wire is inserted Perl No 8 .I believe I have spoken of needles, for the moment I've always worked with a medium without the needle tip. some photos to see how to proceed.
In the first slip-off point with the picture, you can make the simplest stuck, which ones on two finger, As you can see I put in a vertical photo, which is the position of how you work. You take the second finger and overlaps the first, after work the wire must flow. 
The slip-off with a rim barrette day we make a stuck on four fingers
Proceed as photos in three movements.
As you can see nell'infilata on two fingers remained one finger, later I will tell you how to avoid Faulty drawbacks. These lights I I used a lot for tents,
I also made over 100 small towns used as wedding favors. Under a curtain of a finish.source 

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