Make a Cat With a Heart Keychain

Supplies-Felt-Scissors-Needle And Thread-Beads
Prepare all the necessary materials.Cut out the a heart, tail and a cat from felt.
Sew the heart on one side of the cat.Connect the two parts of the tail and sew.
Stuff the tail with synthetic padding.Use a marker to draw a cat face.
Stick the nose to the cat.Using black thread, embroider the eyebrow, mustache and mouth.
Connect both sides and then sew.Sew the tail to the body.
Fill the cat with synthetic padding.Sew the eyes.
Cut the heart out of white felt.Make a loop.
Glue loop to the cat.Then glue the heart.
Fasten the cat to the hoop.Ready. It can be used as a gift for Valentine's Day.