Beach tunic crochet

 Size: 38/40 You will need: 2 skeins type Anne da Círculo blue (100% mercerized cotton, 500 m / 100 g); Hook number 1.75; 2 beads with a diameter of 5 mm old silver color.
Loops in knitting: Air. loop, a column with nakida, Conn. column.
Density knitting:  31 p. 9 and p. = 10 x 10 cm.
Start  from the top yoke circular rows.
Link chain of 169 abstentions. n., to close the circle. Comm. column and knit circle. rows according to the diagram 1.
After 16 p. start the separation of loops for the sleeves, the forehand and back trail. follows:  3 for each motif pattern sleeves, front - and back motif 3 - 3 motive.
Front and back , carrying between 14 abstentions. f. for the armhole, knit according to the scheme 2 circle. series.
After 35 p. from start to finish.
Border: Knit according to Scheme 03 around the bottom of the tunic, completing 14 of pattern motifs.
Sleeves: continue in those places where they were separated for sleeves and knit by the scheme 03 circular rows.Second sleeve perform similarly.
Cord: double thread to link a chain of Air. n. long and 1.60 m stretch between the loops of the 24th row.  Add beads to the tips of the cord.
Driving in pdf format

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