decoration shoes box with crochet flowers

A shoe box that turns ... 
so much so as not to throw it and have some fun. 

1 row -  start with the 6chain for the magic ring and the next 15 dc(double crochet ), slst.(slip stitch)
 2 row - 3 low half meshes in the 3 underneath points (total 9) turn the work.
 3 row - 2dc in st (2 double crochet in the stitch) total 18
 4 row - without turning the job ......go back to shrimp point,now turn the work and with 3 chains hang back to the base to create another petal in the next three points of the ring ....... and so until you have five petals.
the central unit is a simple ring in which 20/30 low meshes work
(depends on the type of yarn .... and anyway enough to do it a little )
she sits up to her.
 the black threads I pulled them from below and left them free then they will be fixed when the poppy is glued to the box
  This is one of the leaves ..... made only of mba and without any pattern ..... how is the Box
 You start with a chain and work all the top jerseys first on one side and then on the other side
of the chain, in fact it works round as a simple tile, creating the 4-cornered increases.
 To determine the length of the start chain ..... we have to position it in the center of the lid and make sure there is the same identical distance from the 4 edges.
Once you reach the edge, you continue without rising until you reach to cover the entire cover.
 The same procedure for the box, however, is cautious not to get to the edges but leaving the space occupying the lid. (I wanted to create anchorage too)
  At this point you color (acrylic colors) the box ....... preferable black ... like the color of the yarn.
I had to create a colored band at the tunnels
 and this is the box ...... before I covered it I passed vinyl glue so the crochet work does not move. 

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