3D crochet flower No 27 - video tutorial & pattern

Pattern - wrap the thread on the finger to start with the magic ring.1 row -  8sc (single crochet), sl st (slip stitch ).2 row - *8chain sc* repeat until 7 times (8 in total)only grapsing the front of the previous truth.3 row - 2sc in the st(2single crochet in 1stitch) for the whole series, grapping the second part left from the previous row .

4 row - *3 chain - skip 1 - 1sc* repeat until 7 times (8 in total).
cut the yarn and change the color.
5 row - 5 chain -1dc , * 1-2-1dc shell(1 doublecrochet,2chain,1dc shell)* repeat until 7 times (8 in total ). 
6 row - *8 chain ,at the other   end   work 1sc ,in the bottom dc work 3dc, we turn the drawing to the left and work 8dc-3pic(picot)-8dc ,slst* repeat until 7 times (8 in total ). 
7 row - in the  center of  each petal of the flower  work 3dc ,with one sc we catch the top (watch the video carefully) , 3dc shell , *3dc- sc in the top -3dc shell* repeat until 7 times (8 in total).cut the yarn and change the color.8 row  - *5 chain -sc,8chain-sc,5chain-sc,4chain * repeat until 7 times(8 in total).

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