how to make baby hat

Pattern- to make the tire description skullcap of getting with 10 chain ,skip 3 chain and the 4 chain work dc (double crochet), repeat for 5 times (7 dc in total).
The next row -start with *3 chain and 6 dc front post*  (7 dc in total).
repeat the previous procedure again as many times as i need for the size you want.
We join two pieces and we start the plan...
1 row - *10 trc (treble crochet) shell sc (single crochet)* repeat this until for all the perimeter.
 2 row  - start with 3chain ,*3 dc back post,2/2 dc cross(2-over-2 double crochet cross) 3dc back post,dc*  repeat this until for all the perimeter.
Repeating the two rows as many times as needed to get the length you want.
See the video on how to finish and apply the pom pom. Good creations !

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