crochet flower square motif- 5

start with 6 ch 
1 row -- 16 dc
2 row -- 8ch, 1dc ...repeat et the end.
3 row -- 10 dc horizontally and 6 dc vertically and close behind sc as in video. Repeat other 7 times .
Turn upside down 3ch and sc in the first row.
Repeat 4ch,sc, for the 8 times . We go from the front side of the shape to work the back side. Start with 3dc,3ch,3dc...after 3ch,3dc in the next position .... repeat for other 3 times ( 4 in total ).
change the color in green and start ...
3dc,3ch,3dc, after in next position 3ch 3dc,after in next position 3ch 3dc . all this repeat for other 3 times ( 4 in total ).
Yellow at the end it is your choice whether you want.
for this...start with 5 ch, 3tr clusterand ,back and sc.
Repeat for 5 times or more . 
Hopefully in conjunction with the video will help you describe.

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