Frida's motif flower

 Use this motif as the template for all your others and try your best to make sure the width measurement is as close to 20cm (4in) as possible. You will need to make sure you check your stitch count at the end of each round and keep an eye on the consistency of your treble crochet stitches. If you find your piece is coming up too big or too small take a minute to read the notes about how you work a treble stitch as well as the notes on tension.
Below I have posted all the step by step images so that you can see them in a larger format.  Image above shows the flower after Round 2 once 6 flower petals have been made
To make the next round you need to work behind the petals of the flower you have just made. Fold the petal forward and insert your hook into the skipped stitch and make one chain to join your yarn.

The image above shows the motif after Round 4. Make sure you have 30sts (including the 3ch at the beginning of the round) at the end of this round. you should also have 6 chain spaces.
Image above shows motif at end of Round 5
Image above shows motif at end of Round 6 - 7 
Image above shows motif at end of Round 8 - make sure you count your stitches at the end of each round.
On Round 9 you need to work 3 stitches into the chain space.Make sure you change your hook at the end of the last round. Colour coded hooks help when you're changing hook sizes. If you don't have hooks with colour coded handles you could dab some different shades of nail polish onto the handle of each hook.
Make sure you measure your motif once it is complete. It should measure 19.5cm at the widest point. if you are .5 of a cm out (either bigger or smaller) this shouldn't present you with too much of an issue so long as each of your remaining pieces measure similarly.   If your piece is 1cm or more bigger or smaller you are advised to try using a different sized hook to achieve a closer tension to mine. You need to make 4 main motifs and 4 of the following half motifs: The flower for the half motif is made in the same way as the main motif.
This motif is worked in rows not rounds, so you need to turn at the end of each row
The image above shows the motif after Row 5 - 6
Make sure you change your hook size after Row 7
As with the main motif, make sure you measure across the widest point.
You need to make 4 half motifs. I always sew my ends in as I work so that each piece is completely finished before I start crocheting a new piece. I know that a lot of people hate sewing in as they go, but it really does make the finishing process so much easier. source 

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