how to make creations Felt

So we need to work:
paralon - needles Valnet - 36 (middle), 38 (asterisk) and reverse
Wool Felting - Sliver, black, white and sand - basis for brooches - strong thread and needle - pastel pencil rendering folds (optional)
As a basis in their toys and even in small brooches, I use Sliver. I do it to save colored wool, which ends so quickly sleep. (If you used to work at once color Sliver instead just use white fur.)
Well, let's start! Take a small piece Sliver, forming a dense medium needle oval lump
Next, we plan our future doggies bottom of the gap between the muzzle and ass. Then we take a little bit of white wool and semiprivate where will head folksiness.
Now take the sand and wool primeval to muzzle
And do a spot on the leg and ponytail ...Now make a black wool spots.
Now ears. Take 2 small sand lump of wool and form triangles. From black wool nose and do a little thin sausages - it will be closed the eyes of our dormice. (Also in the process of work I take a needle and a star "smoothed" the surface of brooches, removing hairs got out and various irregularities.)
Now we form the eyebrows, mustache and beard. For this we need the inverse needle, which creates a fluffy, fur pulling out.Fluff was very untidy, this trim it with scissors.
Loop through needle-star brooch across the surface (of course, apart from the eyebrows, mustache and beard), to remove the shortcomings, if any. Pastel pencil set off the ears, muzzle, legs.
 Next, we take a basis for brooches and sew strong thread.Try to keep the needle from the other side came out in the crease to the seam to be seen
Our sleepy brooch ready!That's all. Thank you very much for your attention!!!! I hope my debut masterclass you like. All the success and good mood !!! source

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