crochet boot cuff

Yarn (Worsted 4:Medium) ($4.29) - Crochet Hook (Size H) ($1.69) - Buttons ($1.99)
Total Project Cost: $7.97 before tax and my 20% off coupon.
Step 1: Chain (CH) 8.  Step 2: Single crochet (SC) in the second CH from the hook. Repeat until you reach the end. CH 2, turn.  Step 3: Double crochet (DC) in every SC until you reach the end. CH 1, turn.  Step 4: SC in every DC until you reach the end. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you get the desired cuff length.Step 5: It’s time to connect the ends of your cuff. I’m lazy, so I slip stitched my cuff together and flipped it inside out to hide the seam, but if you’re more comfortable with using a yarn needle to connect the two end of your cuffs you can. You can see how I slip stitched it in the photo above.
Step 6: For the rest of the cuff, you’ll do two DC around every loop and slip stitch them together when you get back to the start of the row. Repeat for 7 more rows. Step 7: Repeat step 3, 4, & 3 in that order. Tie off your yarn. Step 8: To get the scalloped edge on top you’ll need to DC 5 one loop, slip stitch the next loop, DC 5 in the next loop, etc, until you reach the end. Tie off your yarn and thread the yarn through your button holes and secure it to the cuff. source 

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