baby shoes pattern & photo tutorial

Spokes number 3. Assign the sole garter st - 50 series. For example, curly, starting with 4 loops (+ edge), finishing with 8 loop: The edges of dial 60 loops and knit 6 more rows of the front satin stitch: Run hem, hooking tabs from the first row: Split knitting for the heel and the nose (the number of loops must be odd: 31 + 29), knit pink yarn loop 31 for the spout. Along the edges of the spokes to throw in additional loop, which will separate the colored edge with knitting: Knit 11 rows English gum. In the 12th (personal) number of loops knit 8, then do 8 ubavok, provyazyvaya loop with the front underside. Open knitting and knit garter st, at the end of each row provyazyvat 2 with a side portion of the spout: Next knit gray thread for kuliske 9-10 rows purl embroidery. Bent hook and loop for the first series of gray. Close the loop: Spout ready. Next knit heel - 29 loops of white yarn. Do not forget to throw on the edges of the edge loops. Knit 11 loops garter stitch on each side and 7 loops British gum at the very heels. After 12 rows go to the gray thread for kuliske - 10 series purl coats. Drawstring hem and close the loop:Sew sock and heel, vdet string (string is held in kuliske heel 2 times): Booties-shoes ready!

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