Pens "Thumbelina"

Two miniature flower elastic bands. The diameter of each - about 5 cm White petals with blue border, bright middle, decorated with beads and embroidered with beads, thin green leaves -. All this for a little "Thumbelina".
For Knitting I used cotton yarn and hook №1,3 mm. White "Narcissus" and colorful "Iris" (thinner yarn). Under the scheme tie white petals of the "Narcissus". Tie them together without columns nakida light blue "Iris". If the light blue yarn you will have the same thickness as that of the white, then tied one post with no nakida one base loop. Last row - tied petals of blue yarn. Tie a strip of red melange "Iris": knit chain of 45 abstentions. loops 3 loops of rise and then alternate 1 tbsp / nak, 2 tbsp / nak one base loop. White knit yarn substrate (leave a longer thread for sewing it to the base). Tie green petals. All items otparte and gently flatten both sides. White sewing thread and fine needle sew up the center of the flower white pearl bead and around the invisible stitches a red bar. Bottom stitch detail with leaves. Pick the appropriate color beads and embroidered them midway. On the back hand sew a substrate using a left thread and a needle with a large eye. Do not sew the thread breakage strong gum. Or sew gum separately, another thread, then it will be possible to replace the old worn-out rubber band to the new without any problems.