Crochet Edge / Double Clusters

Supplies - 1 Yarn
Fun edge for any project. Use any yarn with appropriate hook. U.S. dc. (Sample square: edge has 20 chains; spaced every 4 stitches = 5 dbl clusters each side).BEGIN: Ch 3 (marked), then Ch 3 more to start first cluster (each cluster begins and ends with Ch 3 - its 'legs' - see completed cluster above)
After first set of Ch 3 (leg), begin lst cluster thru stitch on 2nd set of Ch 3; In other words, yo put hook in 3rd stitch from hook; yo, pull up a loop . One dc worked; yo pull thru 2 loops - 2 loops will remain on hook
4 dc cluster = 6 loops on hook; yo pull thru all loops, sl st closed (*yo, insert hook, yo pull up loop, yo pull thru 2* rep 4 times then yo pull thru all loops, sl st closed. 1st cluster done. Ch 3, repeat steps for 4 dc cluster (6 loops on hook, yo pull thru all loops, sl st closed)
2nd cluster done - now bring it down over first st closed
Ch 3, skip 3 stitches on square, sl st into 4th chain (see completed cluster; each cluster has 2 legs made with a ch 3). Repeat pattern.END. Completed edge. Work as many or as fewer clusters as you would like. *Fewer clusters equals longer 'legs' to spread them out across your edge. Have fun!