Moss Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Today I’m sharing with you the most boss stitch of all crochet stitches. The Moss Crochet Stitch. This sucker is awesome and if you can single crochet you can rock it like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a really, really versatile stitch that you can use in scarves and as texture in afghans. It’s especially gorgeous when done in a multi-color like seen here in stripes with a solid stripe on either side. Oh, and it’s amazing for using up your odds and ends of yarn because it always looks good with a totally random color scheme.
But I decided to go matchy  and I like it, also, but seriously Google moss crochet to see some fab versions with lots of colors! Grab your preferred crochet hook and let’s get after it!Chain an even number of times.
Turn and single crochet down the length starting with the second chain from the hook.Change colors, chain one and single crochet in the first stitch. Chain one again. Skip the next chain. Single crochet in the one after the skipped.
As you work this way, you’ll get a gap in between each single crochet. It might be kind of hard to see but if you stretch your work a bit it will be there! Keep on with this until you reach the end. Turn, change color and chain one.At this point this is super easy (not that it was hard before but now it’s a totally brainless activity if you need it to be). Simply single crochet in each of the spaces with a chain in between each creating the spaces for the next row you hook.