Crochet Pretty Earings

Final result - Supplies - Cotton yarn - Crochet hook - Scissors - Earring hooks . These are the tools
Chain 8----------Close it with a slip stitch and chain 3
Make 24 doubles into the ring and close it with a slip stitch.
Chain 1 and make a single into the same stitch
Chain 5-------Skip one double stitch and make a single in the next one
Repeat it until the end of the round, closing with a slip stitch
Chain 3 (it will count as a double)
Make a set of: 3 doubles into the space--------Chain 1
Chain 3 to make a picot (a slip stitch into the third chain stitch)----Chain 1
Make 4 doubles into the same space------Single into the next space
Make 4 doubles into the next space and repeat this process ...
Until the end ofyour work. But to finish it, in the last set you will make a longer picot with 6 chains instead 3
To finish it, make an extra stitch to secure your work, pull it and cut it
It's done, just make another identical one ...... place the earring hooks and they're done!
Crochet Pretty Earings by Sirleny Garcia