Crochet Scarf Pattern

For the one on the left I used: 2 balls of Invicta Colour by Scheepjes nr.960 with hook 4mm

For the one on the right I used: Stonewashed by Scheepjes with hook 4,5mm
2x 803, 1x806, 1x812, 1x813, 1x814, 1x819.

The scarfs measure about 150cm x 35cm.

You can get the Stonewashed yarn in my webshop, click here

I made strings 9 of 50 "candies", but for the charts I drew 3 with 4, to make it clear.

Leave a long tail on (15cm for the one on the right, 25cm for the left one) at the beginning and end, later on it will disappear in the fringes, than you don't have to tuck them away.

For the fringes  I cut 18 times, 15 strings of 32 cm long. (for the one on the left 50cm).