For this blanket, which measures about 1.40 x 1.40m, I used 14 balls of Softfun (two of every colour used, in colour ways 2496, 2531, 2466, 2449, 2451, 2519 and 2514).Got everything? Let’s get started! (for people who like working from charts: there’s a chart at the end of this blog post!) Special stitches: triple treble (trtr).This sounds complicated, but it isn’t! To make a triple treble: Yarn over 4 times, insert your hook into the next stitch. Yarn over, and pull up a loop. *Yarn over, and pull through two loops.* Repeat till you’ve worked through all loops. This is a very long stitch, and you might need a little practice to make your triple trebles nice and even. This is totally okay!

What do you need:
yarn (I used Softfun cotton/acrylic yarn by Scheepjeswol),a matching crochet hook (I used a 4mm hook),a darning needle to sew in the ends a pair of scissors 
1. Make a chain, the number of chains being a multiple of 9, plus 1 for turning. In this example I chained 28 (3 x 9, plus 1).
2. Work *4sc, 3sc in same stitch, 4sc* around. Chain 1, and turn. You’ll end up with a really funky looking chain, but don’t worry, it will start to make sense soon!

3. Work *sk 1 st, 4sc, 3sc in same stitch, 4sc, sk 1 st* around. Remember to work all stitches into the back loops only. Chain 1, and turn. You can see the ripple starting to take shape now!
4. Repeat step 3. Chain 1, and turn.
 into the next 3 stitches (back loop only). Chain 6; this counts as the first triple treble. Work 2 more trtr, 3 trtr in same stitch, 3 trtr. Skip 2 stitches. Repeat *sk 2 st, 3trtr, 3trtr in same stitch, 3trtr, sk 2 st* around. Remember to work all stitches into the back loops only.
6. You can now change colour. To repeat the pattern, begin at step 2 and continue till step 5.
7. Continue repeating the pattern till you feel your project is big enough.
8. To give the last row a finished look, don’t change colour but repeat rows 2 until 4 in the same colour. Then fasten off.
9. Sew in the ends using your darning needle.
And that’s it!  If you prefer charts over written patterns, here you go. Remember that ALL stitches are worked into the back loops only!
Here’s one more look at blanket, in all it’s finished glory:
source- blanket

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