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The cardigan is worked dolman sleeve style so no decrease is necessary. You work 2 x L shaped front sides like for a chimono design.
The back is worked in one peace in a T shape.
Make sure you measure the lenght in the top of the T to have an idea how much to work from the back.

1. Ch8, slst to close
2.ch3, 3dc in the same chain,ch5, 4dc, ch5...repeat ( 6 x 4dc
clusters)...close with 1 dc in the first 3ch space.
3. ch7,1sc in the middle of 5chspace below, repeat ( 6 x 7ch clusters), close with 1 dc in the first group of 5ch.
4. Ch3 , 1picot, 3 x dc with 1 picot on top in the same ch space, 6x dc with 1picot on top , repeat ...close with 2xdc with 1picot in the first ch space.
  As you can see there are two types of floral motifs in this blog post. This is because you can either choose the above for a lacy look or the below one for a more compact result.
Main pattern back :
Chain the required lenght ( measure half of the waistline circumference you desire)
1.  Ch3,1dc, ch6, 2dc tog,*2dctog ch6 2dctog*, repeat till the end of the row.
Repeat for as many rows as necessary.
When working the sleeves chain additional lenght on both sides of the resulted rectangle and work upwards in the same way.

The cardigan is surprisingly easy to make and the lacy trim with a picot finish make the entire cardi look even more elegant.

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