Christmas craft ideas: Crocheted beauty snowflake tutorial

 1. we need to:
Universal plug
White thread “Iris”
Hook № 1,6.
A great desire and the basics of knitting on a fork!

2. We collect the plug 30 loops ... 3. Interrupts the thread!
4. Remove the top bar!  5. Putting the right side of all 30 loops in an additional thread and tied.

6. Take the three loops (unfortunately not photographed, it’s hard to knit and take pictures at the same time, so Sorry) and tied with three loops girth peak of 3 loops, 3 loops girth.  
7.  then picot, 3 air loop, again peak,
8. 3 ch, 3 ch and slip at the base. see the picture ...9. The first beam snowflakes ready! (Not sure which clearly explain to me a hundred times easier to tie than once to explain).
That can be seen in this photo of how the three arches, connected to the plug! Me, anyway!
10. We repeat it all over again, how there on the magazine, I do not know, I was knitting on the photo, but it is unfortunately not very good quality, I have all three! Three loop girth peak of three air loops, three loops girth, pico, three air loop (VP), pico, 3 LP, 3 picot, connected to the base, 3 EP, pico, 3 LP, pico, 3 loops girth, pico, 3 loops girth! a complete description of one beam! Rays only 10!
11. Tied 10 rays, cut the thread! Found a thread from the beginning of the first beam and tied in a knot! Properly hidden! That’s what we did!
12. Now starch or a snowflake, or impregnate glue! And best of all, I think its candy! Since I was on hand just glue it with glue and I gave her a fitting look! Table of course then have to glue otchistitot! But what krasata did it!

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