Crochet handles for bags

Now I pick up various options for the manufacture of handles for bags. The dense and not very wide and very narrow, beautiful and beautiful, and most importantly - convenient. Oh yes! And more convenient
Here, I want to share one of the solutions found! I needed:
Linen yarn in two colors (optional) .Regilin width of 0.4 cm.Carbines.Needle, thread. Good mood.
So, to start, I knitted yarn lighter color just string - a little more than a centimeter in width. That is:
 The cord can be knit in any pattern that you like. I tell you step by step how to perform this example.
Recruit 3. . N, the second and third recruit 2 loops  column without nakida - all three loops together, unfold (thread before work - it will be a wrong side) and type 2 loop provyazyvaem three together, and so - in a circle.Here is the process:The thread at work. On the front side pulling the two loops. And them together.
Overturn on the wrong side. A thread before work.Gaining one loop.
Pulling the second loop. Pay attention to the seizure of the thread hook.
And also three loops together.This continues for as long as there is no connection cable the desired length. Then we skip it through a carbines and sew the middle. Side edge sew rachim step yarn of a different color:
 Then we arm regilinom. I did the loop on the carabiner and paved regilin in a single layer at the handle.
So are bent around regilin carbine, with the inside of the cord:   Regilin loop sewn up and put inside:
 After that sews rachim step and a second side edge:Following these simple manipulations, we obtain the most current, accurate, not stretching handles, which remains just stick to the finished purse! Handbag, by the way, will be ready by the end of the month approximately

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