Mesh work

 The book has many projects start with a simple one think it will be my best option. First I have to start preparing the material. Many things and quite expensive. So I've gone to get home resources. I will use the base that I have to sew (I've seen some people use a sheet of cork, witty, do not you think), and it will place the project. As I decided to make a star before we make on paper with pen marks that form line has an inclination to stop angles as you see in the picture. Based on the paper and put a thin stabilizer with the side that sticks up and we hold the four corners well.
Using the vertical line I started placing strips and I held up and down.
As I was not sure I could get, I bought a couple of meters to test tape.
you see, two green and white and repeat as many times as you please.
To place the first transverse tape, I held the right end along the line.
With the help of a stick (which use kitchen to make skewers) I have been separating tape and opening the way to the to be placed cross and a large pin I held the tape and I have been going with the stick
and I held the other side so as to follow the line marked
And on the other side the same. Now I have the blade,  Second line, green again 
And other saltier - As you see ????
Well now it's white saltire
And back to the green two equal that the first and so on
Before releasing the pins must board to make it all subject.
And then spend a stitching all around so that they are fixed all tapes
Look like lags behind.
To be the first thing I do in meshwork, I have been very happy.
Another day, I'll make another pattern fabrics, and I'll explain . source