Stamens flower making

I prepare to start a thread. I use here are nylon shoe. Also perfectly suited thread “Iris.” Cut them into lengths of 1 m.
Preparing gelatin solution: 1 hour. L. instant gelatin pour 100 g of hot water. Stir to dissolve gelatin and give to cool to room temperature.Omitting yarn segments in the gelatin solution. Take out and fingers drove excess liquid. Hang to dry.
Obtained here are blank.Each blank folded in half.
Cook stalemate starch stir with glue. Proportions – to the eye. Should get a mixture the consistency of thick cream.
With the help of toothpicks forming head stamens. All irregularities smoothing finger.Pull string and hang it to dry stamens.After drying, the stamens gather here in such beams, and so they are stored. Paint immediately before use. But you can pre-painted.
You can cover the usual nail polish.Or decorate glitter (glitter nail design). For this purpose grease stamen glue “Moment of crystal” and lowered into a jar of glitter. To brilliant sand not showered – sprayed hairspray.

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