Knit - Crocodile Skin Pattern

 While I was travelling in the bus early this week, I saw a lady wearing a beautiful cap with this pattern. I wanted to strike a conversation just to check the pattern but I didn't as I don't speak the language where I am now and she wouldn't understand english. However I didn't give up my curiosity and start browsing the internet with possible name of the pattern and I came across this crocodile skin pattern, and viola this is it :) When I saw the cap, I thought the pattern look like a Pine Cone. Anyway if someone wants to name this as Crocodile Skin, be it is :)
And I tried the pattern, here it is sharing with my friends who love to knit

This pattern is from a very talented lady in Youtube :

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  1. Beautiful but I don't understand the languish....hope you can share an English speaking one soon. Thanks for sharing😊