How to Handmake Feathers with Thread

 These pretty handmade feathers are made of threads, it’s an super easy and pretty DIY project for crafts that needs feather for decoration or simply arrange them as wall art.
Supplies you need:
Copper wire
Phone case

Start winding thread onto a wire piece (the size you want to have your feather) Glue the edge of a little glue to the top and then put a little glue on the back end. Cut your yarn into small pieces
Start a tie a knot with the steps on the wire base.
Once the tie all must have made something similar to the following photo
Dip into diluted with water glue in a ratio of 2: 1
Spread and arrange the threads on the plastic surface. If there is a lot of water up wipe lightly. Allow to dry thoroughly and then with scissors the format. Cut from here cut out from there until a beautiful feather.
Ready ... go to the next :-)