This idea is amazing and has a high aesthetic and design air. Why we have in our home routine and monotonous pots? The solution lies in the originality and the use of special materials with imagination. And in this case we are talking about the cement!
On this page we especially love the construction of cement and has shown that this material is not only for construction but can stand proudly inside or outside the home.And then following construction is so easy that you rub your eyes with the result. I am sure that will not only make a pot but quite a few. The whole structure is based on a towel.
The towel will fall in love with the cement and the result will surprise you!
 Isn’t she a beauty? And want to know the best part about it? This gorgeous concrete planter is made from an old towel.
That’s right, you read that correctly.An old towel.Isn’t crafting amazing?

Materials needed:
– 1/2 bag of QUIKRETE
– 1 mixing stick for concrete
– water, accordingly
– 2 5-gallon buckets
– 1 towel
 The steps to this project are extremely basic, and I’ll tell you my errors in the process so that you don’t run into them yourself.

For this project you’ll want to wear rubber gloves: I hear concrete poisoning isn’t too pretty!

First, fill half of a 5-gallon bucket with concrete (you’ll want to mix it with enough water to make it a little soupier than normal, but not too runny).

Take an old towel (I used a raggedy tan towel I found in our linen closet), and take a second 5-gallon bucket and flip it upside down. Lay the towel over the bucket to test the length of the towel. You’ll want the ends to just be touching the ground, but you don’t want too much excess. If your towel is too long, cut some of the length off on either side. Keep measuring the towel on your bucket until you get the size you desire.

Put your towel into the concrete bucket. Keep mixing your towel around and cover every single centimeter of it in concrete. This is the most important step–my towel had a few spots not covered in concrete, and you ended up seeing those spots in the final product.

Once your entire towel is covered in the concrete slush, drape it over the upside down bucket. Move it around and make sure the sides are even and laid out how you want them to look.
 If you see any bare spots, now is the time to take some concrete and patch those spots.
Let the planter dry for 24-48 hours. Once completely dry, remove the bucket from the concrete towel. (EDIT** Drill two holes in the bottom of the planter for drainage.)
Flip the planter right-side up. Fill with soil and a plant. Display proudly!

  absolutely love the way this DIY concrete planter turned out–it really adds a creative and personal touch to our front doorway. I especially love how simple and affordable it is! By using a towel and buckets that I had on hand, the only expense was the concrete, which is less than $5! Can’t beat that!