Wedding Bouquet

SKILL LEVEL:  Easy (Level 2)
SIZE: One Size
About 14 1/2 in. (37 cm) long

Exact gauge is not essential to this project.

2dcCl (2 double crochet cluster) [Yarn over, insert hook in indicated chain and draw up a loop, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook)] twice in same chain, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.

1. Two flower chains are crocheted using yarn colors as desired or to match your special color scheme.
2. Foam ball is cut in half to make the base of the Bouquet. Flower chains and other trims are glued or pinned onto the base.
3. Purchased bouquet holder is embellished, then finished Bouquet is attached.
4. This project is meant to bring a handmade touch to your special day. Use the colors and trims that you love, then use this pattern as a general guide for how to create your Bouquet.

FLOWER CHAINS (make 2 – 1 with pea green yarn and 1 with hot pink)
Chain 4, *work a 2dcCl in 4th chain from hook, chain 3, slip stitch in same chain; (chain 3, 2dcCl, chain 3, slip stitch) 3 times all in same chain – flower made. Chain 9.
Repeat from * to continue making the flower chain, working until almost all yarn has been used.
Fasten off.

Cut foam ball in half (a serrated kitchen knife works well for this). Set one half aside – you'll need just one half for the bouquet.
Lay half ball flat side down onto a work surface.
Arrange both of the flower chains over the half ball, leaving the lower edge of ball uncovered. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, pin in place as follows: slide a pearl bead onto one straight pin, then insert pin through the center of one flower, then into foam ball.
Repeat until every flower has been pinned in place.
Squeeze a small amount of craft glue onto paper plate or a small piece of foil.
Use a toothpick to apply glue to one organza rosebud.
Glue rosebud to lower edge of foam ball. In same way, glue remaining rosebuds evenly spaced around base of ball.
Dip one end of a beaded stem into glue then insert into foam ball, spaced between organza rosebuds.
Insert remaining beaded stems spaced evenly around between organza rosebuds.
Hold plant stakes together with points facing in one direction.
Insert pointed ends of stakes through center of bouquet holder.
Insert pointed ends gently into center of base of foam ball to create a hole, then remove.
Apply a small amount of glue into the hole then re-insert the stakes.
Allow to dry.
Glue one end of white satin ribbon to plant stakes just below bouquet holder. Wrap ribbon around stakes, covering stakes evenly, to base. Trim end of ribbon and glue in place.

source - Wedding Bouquet